Holiday Entertaining Ideas to DIY

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The holiday season requires the best for entertaining.  Any top notch host has a table and chairs that elevate their space, with a beautiful tablescape to match.  As a result, we’ve created a series of Holiday Entertaining Ideas for you try before the madness of the season begins!

This holiday season, consider a more mature palette centred around earthy tones for the background of your memories.

Any top notch hostess has a table and chairs that elevate her space, and a tablescape to match. We've created a series of Holiday Entertaining Ideas for you try out before the madness begins.



Jennylyn has created a warm and inviting tablescape.  This is a series of DIY Fusion projects great for entertaining guests this holiday season (or any occasion).  Of course, we have to leave the cooking part up to you!


Learn How to Paint a Table using Fusion Mineral Paint, and learn the difference between top coats and finishes depending on the base color you chose.

how to paint a table avoid brush strokes
We’ve got great info on paint prep for larger pieces like this, and how to avoid brushstrokes.


Jennylyn paints some chairs with a French Linen Stripe, and shows you how avoid bleed through while to paint a french linen stripe chair


Find a light fixture or chandelier that fits your style?  Does it need a facelift?  If so, check out some things to consider before repainting a fixture.
how to refinish a chandelier holiday entertaining ideas


Then we come to the tablescape!  These Paint Dyed Napkins and Painted Place Cards can be made last minute and are easy to do with the kids!  Secondly, be sure to take note of the rest of the table, where Jennylyn has chosen elements such as burlap table runner and gold accents.

Consider November’s color story as a starting point for your holiday tablescapes.


Visit the Paint It Beautiful facebook group to see what other great painted entertaining holiday ideas are on display from our community.  Be sure to share your projects and let us know about your experience.  Most importantly, remember to have fun!


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