Create a Crackled Paint Effect

Introducing Fusion's NEW Crackled Texture


Looking for a way to create texture and depth in your piece?  Well we have just the product for that!  Introducing our NEW Crackled Texture.  This base product creates cracks and crevasses on which you can add paint over top.  It is best applied on a flat horizontal surface, as the product is self levelling.  The thicker the application – the more defined the cracks will appear.  It’s a great way to add character to your piece with an aged and weathered look.


crackled paint effect



Achieving a Crackled Paint Effect






1.  Prep your surface as you would to paint with Fusion.  Use TSP Alternative to clean, then give your piece a light sand and removing excess dust using a lint free rag.


2. Pour a generous amount of the Crackled Texture medium over your surface.  Spread with a putty knife or chip brush.  (Note:  The thicker the layer, the larger your crackling will be.  Thinner layers will result in small cracks). 

applying crackled texture


3. Allow to dry for 6-12 hours.  (Feel free to get creative and re-apply the Crackled Texture.  As a result, added layers will give your piece even more depth and texture)

dried crackled texture


4. Paint over the dried Crackled Texture with the colour of your choice.  We used the colour Brook  and applied with the Staalmeester Brush.


5. To add some nuances, you can add coloured wax.  In this piece, we used Fusion’s Liming Wax. 


6. Then we distressed the painted door by scraping away some of the surface.  This gives it an increased weathered look.

distress paint


The piece is now ready to stage and style for your space!

stage and style


What will you use Crackle on? Leave your project ideas in the comments below!


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