How To Create Acrylic Pour with Fusion Mineral Paint Pouring Resin!

Get the look!


Feeling creative? Looking to create a unique beautiful piece of art to showcase in your home?  Together with our NEW Pouring Resin, Cell Enhancer and Fusion Mineral Paint you can!  Follow this simple tutorial and you can achieve a similar look!


What is Pouring Resin?

Pouring Resin is an acrylic pouring medium for creating beautiful art on canvas or wood, that dries with a high gloss finish.

This Pouring Resin mixes seamlessly with Fusion to create beautiful and unique acrylic pour artwork.  It can be used on canvas or furniture, or any surface that Fusion sticks to. It finishes to a durable, glossy finish, and can even be used on its own as a finish over top of Fusion Mineral Paint.  It can even be painted on top of for a multi-dimensional look.

  • Durable glossy finish  
  • Easy to Use 
  • No topcoat needed 
  • Non-toxic 
  • No VOCs 
  • You do not need to add Floetrol type additives to this product. 




  • Paints: Casement, Heirloom, Azure, Liberty Blue, Renfrew Blue
  • Pouring Resin
  • Cell Enhancer
  • Canvas
  • Plastic cups
  • Plastic spoons
  • Stick to spread
  • Plastic to cover the area you’ll be working on



How To Use Pouring Resin

Step 1.  Prep your area and supplies

Generally pouring can get a little messy, so putting down a plastic drop sheet is recommended!  A great tip: raise your canvas using plastic cups so the paint has something to drop off of.


Step 2.  Mix Pouring Resin & Fusion Mineral Paint

Pour some pouring resin into a cup.


Then add a couple of drops of Fusion Mineral Paint.  Think of it as tinting the resin.  You don’t want to use more than 10% paint to resin, so as not to slow down the flow of the resin.


We’ve  chosen to add Cell Enhancer to each paint cup for increased separation.  Create a second cup of Casement without Cell Enhancer and mark it.  This Casement will be used at the end to fill out the background edges.



Choose as many colours as you wish, contrasting and pops of colour are always recommended!



Step 3.  Start Pouring!

Pour each individual colour in a swirly pattern one at a time onto your canvas.




Continue pouring, overlapping some of the colours. 



When all of the individual colours have been poured, pour the Casement marked without the Cell Enhancer on the edges of the canvas to cover any missed surface.



Step 4.  Spread the Cell Enhancer

Once all the product has been poured, take a stick and slide over the paint left to right and then top to bottom.  In this case you can see the Cell Enhancer taking effect in the circular formations. 



Step 5.  It’s time to tilt and get messy!

Now you want to tilt the canvas to bring the paint off the edges and create any patterns you desire.  Continue by tilting and pouring out any extra paint on your canvas.



Step 6.  Dry & Display!

Let your piece dry for 12-24 hours and then it is ready to be displayed!

In the areas where there is cell enhancer, you may see a shiny area, that will remain shiny, unless you take a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to remove the excess cell enhancer.  



Step back and look at the beautiful unique piece of art you have created!  What do you plan to create using Pouring Resin?  Let us know in the comments below! 


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