What is Fusion™ Mineral Paint?


What is Fusion™ Mineral Paint? Mineral paint is unique on the marketplace and unlike any other paint out there!

What is Fusion™ Mineral Paint? 4

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All paints are comprised of 3 main elements:


1) Binder

2) Minerals

3) Solvent


When the term water based is used to define a product, water is the solvent. It dries from within and cures over a 21-28 day period of time. Fusion™, is comprised of only natural minerals and carbon which create the vivid depth of colour you will experience with our product. Minerals, in a scientific sense, are inorganic compounds found naturally in the earth. In terms of paint, the three minerals most commonly used are titanium dioxide, iron oxides and calcium carbonate.

What is Fusion™ Mineral Paint? 6

Natural pigments in Fusion™ Mineral Paint.


Using these materials, mined from the earth (minerals), we create the pigments in our colour collection. Through our extensive research and development, we have developed a formulation free of fillers that are common to our competitors. Titanium dioxide is the whitening pigment in the paint.


It is also the most expensive ingredient which competitors rarely add enough of resulting in poor coverage, meaning more coats, protective layers and time are required to achieve the desired result.

What is Fusion™ Mineral Paint? 1

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Our products are made up of only the highest quality materials that are 100 % locally sourced. In creating Fusion™, we have exclusively used natural minerals and pigments. As is the case with any natural products, there is a tendency towards minor variations. You may notice that sometimes when painting with our product, there is the odd streak of pigment that appears. This is not due to defect, but due to the beauty of working with natural products and simply working it into the paint will cause it to disappear, resulting in a uniform finish.

What is Fusion™ Mineral Paint? 2


Binder is the last element and the 2nd most expensive ingredient in the manufacturing of paint.


Binder is one of the most important ingredients in paint. Binder is the “glue” so to speak, it results in the best adhesion, and long term durability and wear and tear.

What is Fusion™ Mineral Paint? 3

Beautiful distressing achieved with Fusion™ Mineral Paint.


Fusion™ is made up of 100% acrylic resin and is unlike any other product on the market. This results in one consistent and cohesive surface across your piece. So what exactly does that mean?


It is a water proof, non-porous surface which is why you do not need a to coat for water-permanency! Using 100% acrylic binder results in the strongest adhesion and durability once cured.

What is Fusion™ Mineral Paint? 5

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Non-Toxic and Low VOC


Many other paints on the market do not use 100% acrylic, therefore lowering the quality of the product by including inexpensive fillers such as vinyl or latex, some of which are highly toxic materials. Fusion™ is also free of many other chemicals commonly used in other lines of paint, such as ammonia or formaldehyde.


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