Stencil A Reverse-Painted Glass Serving Tray

by Debbie Dion Hayes

Stencil A Reverse-Painted Glass Serving Tray


Let’s stencil a gorgeous reverse-painted glass serving tray with Fusion Mineral Paint metallic colours, perfect for a summer wine and cheese party – or even the holidays! The Muddaritaville stencil featuring white wines is my fave, and there is one for reds too. Think making these with friends, or create several in different colors to give as gifts.



If this is your first reverse-painted glass project, hop over to this page to find out more about buying glass, etc.



Muddaritaville Studio Pinot Blanc stencil

Fusion Mineral Paint colors in Metallic Champagne, Metallic Champagne Gold, Metallic Pearl, Metallic Bronze, & Coal Black

Fusion Brush Cleaner & Fan Deck

Staalmeester Roller and handle

Several small stencil brushes

Paper towels, glass cleaner, paint palette, painters tape, optional small fan

Tempered glass, 10″ wide by 24″ long




Clean the glass using your favourite cleaner.



Lay the stencil face-up on the table. Place the glass on top, centered all around. In this case, the stencil is a bit longer than the glass, so just adjust to fit. Tape in place and turn it all over.




Choose one of the three light metallic colours. Dip the tip of the stencil brush into the paint, swirl the brush on the paper towels to take off the excess paint. Then use a straight up and down motion to pounce the paint onto the stencil. Select several wine names to paint in the same colour, and do the same. Let dry. Stencil on another coat.



Select another colour and repeat. When complete, use the third colour and continue.




This is a bit hard to visualize from the back, but we are going to create the tiny black drop shadow that makes the words pop. Trust me on this. Move the stencil down about 1/16″, evenly all around. Then move it to the left about 1/16″ evenly all around.


Stencil A Reverse-Painted Glass Serving Tray


Use the Coal Black paint and stencil it over all letters. Let dry.




Turn the piece over. It it cool-looking or what! It’s time to decide a colour to paint all over the back of the glass. I used my Fusion Fan Deck to slide coloors underneath the glass. I chose to use another pretty metallic colour – Metallic Bronze. I am loving the all-neutral look these days.



Pour some Bronze onto your palette. Roll a coat onto the BACK of the glass. Let dry. Roll on another coat and let dry.



Add some felt or plastic “feet” and you’re done!



Time for wine! Add pretty posies, some delectable fresh strawberries, and bring out your favourite wine glasses. My glasses are certainly not traditional, but I love hand-crafted pieces like these.



We have a huge peninsula in our kitchen and I can envision this tray staying there all the time.



Or, when not in use, your tray can be hung on the wall, or propped in a perfect kitchen corner.



If you are loving using Fusion Mineral Paint on glass, stay tuned for more projects, coming to you about once a month!

Here’s my last project, and you can find the tutorial here.





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