Statement walls

using Fusion and Fresco


Painting Walls with Fusion Mineral Paint 

Ever thought of changing it up, giving your space a fresh new look and feel? It’s super easy to do with a feature or statement wall! Just add Fresco to Fusion Mineral Paint. This deeply textured blue-toned wall brings all the feels and remember 1 pint of Fusion Mineral Paint covers 75 sqft so just perfect for an accent wall. 

dressingtable fresco wall - Fusion Mineral Paint

This wall was painted with Fusion and Fresco for extra texture. Jennylyn made lots of updates to this room but this wall stole the show! Find out she did it – Read that post here.


Creating a feature wall with Fusion Mineral Paint

This wall was created with Midnight Blue and Fresco powder. Loree simply added  Fresco powder to the paint and cross hatch with a large Staalmeester wall brush to get texture and dimension.

Fusion Fresco Wall feature - Fusion Mineral Paint

Step 1

Add the Fresco powder to your chosen Fusion Mineral Paint colour. It’s super easy, literally toss the powder into your paint and gently stir.

Fusion Fresco Wall feature - Fusion Mineral Paint

Step 2

Mix together for a minute or so being sure to leave lumps and clumps. Those will dry hard as a rock and give the textural element you desire.

Fusion Fresco Wall feature - Fusion Mineral Paint

Step 3

Use a large wall brush like our Staalmester wall brush and cross-hatch your brushstrokes for maximum texture and dimension. You could also stipple or even use a rag. If you want lots of texture leave those clumps, if you would like it slightly smoother, no problem just brush them flat. It really is so simple!

Fusion Fresco Wall feature - Fusion Mineral Paint


Voila! a beautiful feature wall in no time at all.


Midnight Blue and Fresco wall - Fusion Mineral Paint


A big statement with a little paint

We often look around at our interiors and wish we could make a big change without the work of redecorating! Using Fusion to accent a feature wall is quick, simple, and packs a punch.


Dark Midnight blue wall fire place and 2 chairs


This Midnight Blue Fusion and Fresco wall is dark, moody, and completely on-trend! It looks super effective with the light Fusion painted fabric fireside chairs (more to come on those soon ). We have used this process on lots of our staging walls, it’s a fun way to change things up quickly.


Statement wall and statement piece - Fusion Mineral Paint


Take this wall, it was painted with Bayberry and some Fresco watered down and added to the paint to produce a flat matt, chalky sheen. This can be achieved by adding 2 tablespoons of Fresco to 1 tablespoon of water. Mix it until it is smooth and pour into a pint of Fusion, and you have yourself dead Flat paint!


Statement walls with Fusion and Fresco - Fusion Mineral Paint

This pretty aged, faded wallpaper look is again our fabulous Fresco and some Fusion metallics. We made a blend of Fresco mixed with Champlain into a thick paste then use it through a pretty stencil, in a random fashion.  When it was dry we highlighted the raised stencil with Fusions Vintage Gold metallic. How pretty is that!?

When you make Fresco into a thick paste it naturally cracks like old European fresco walls. The thicker you make it the thicker the cracks.


Two great ways to use Fresco

In this video Jennylyn shows you how to use Fresco with Fusion to create texture on a fireplace, she also shows you how to create the flat matt finish too!


European style

Last but not least this staging wall and armoire have both had the Fresco treatment. We multi-layered the Fresco staging wall with 3 colours of Fusion fresco mix. We have a video on Facebook that shows you how.

The armoire was a labour of love, from restore rubbish to European Chic!

Statement walls with Fusion and Fresco - Fusion Mineral Paint

Now that you have seen how easy it is to transform your walls, Do you think you’ll try it?

Let us know!

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