Fusion for Kids Easter DIY kits

Wipeable washable fun for kids


Getting creative and painting with your little ones can be fun, especially when it’s wipeable and washable! Our Rainbow packs for kids have been a huge success and we thought why not offer you and your little ones something to paint! Let us introduce Fusion for Kids Easter DIY kits. and the new palette from Fusion for kids Wipeable washable fun for kids


Easter DIy kit in a box plain wood cut outs of chicken rabbit egg.


New Fusion for Kids colour palette

We have already introduced you to the Fusion for Kids Tempera Rainbow pack here, we now have a new set of 6 fun colours in our Easter Pack.


5 tubes of colours in a pack


Our Easter Pack comes with six colours of paint and is perfect for all kinds of craft projects:

  • Spring Sky BLue
  • Bunny’s Paw Pink
  • Yellow School Bus
  • Carrot Orange
  • Pastel Purple Egg
  • White Marshmallow


open pots of paint on a tray, brushes and brushstrokes of colour

a painted kit on a try and a palette with blobs of paint


Easter DIY kits

The kits come with all the wooden cutouts ready to be painted, the colour mixing palette that comes with the Fusion for Kids paint set is perfect for mixing up your colours. Great colour theory play! When everything has been painted and dried, just add some wood glue to assemble all the piece. Check out the other Fusion for kids colour palette here.


painting wood cut out of chicken with yellow paint



flicking paint on a broken wooded egg


Get creative with your paint! using this simple flicking technique really makes the egg look realistic and we just know your kids will love to do this, Don’t worry it’s wipeable and washable!


an egg being painted


Try using a sponge for a different look or even layering colours.


wipeable washable fun for kids



Wipeable washable fun for kids

Knowing your children are safe to use this paint gives you peace of mind and the bonus is it is washable! Our Tempera formula makes all the difference and knowing a quick clean up is all that’s needed makes creating and having fun with your kids more enjoyable. Roll your sleeves up and get stuck in.


Hours of safe fun with your little one.


Fusion Merchant near you

These fab DIY kits and new colour palette are in Merchants stores now. To find your nearest merchant pop your postal code or city into the map and it will populate the nearest merchants to your location!

Did you know Fusion Mineral Paint is now in over 28 countries around the world! Can you believe that?


Happy Easter everyone.





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