Fun craft project for the family this long weekend


Pumpkin painting is never going out of style! It is something that can be done with your children or just a wonderful addition to your Fall decor. Painted pumpkins can sometimes look well painted! follow along to see how to make your faux Pumpkins look more real, using Fusion. It is the perfect craft project for the family this long weekend.

plastic pumpkins and paint supplies


Fusion Mineral Paint Tuscan Orange

Fusion Mineral Paint Fern

Fusion Mineral Paint Peony

Fusion Mineral Paint Inglenook

Fusion Mineral Paint Damask

Milk Paint Millenial Pink

Milk Paint Aperol Spritz

Fusion Ageing Wax

Fusion White Wax


Dollar Store faux pumpkins

Real pumpkin stems (optional)

Peanut Shells

Chip brushes

Staalmeester brushes

How to make faux pumpkins look real

We love the fact that faux pumpkins last forever, but they often look very cheap and unrealistic. We wanted to elevate them a bit, make them look more realistic. We did two different styles. In one batch we painted them in true pumpkin colors (we used Fusion Mineral Paint Tuscan Orange and Pressed Fern and textured some with Aperol Spritz Milk Paint by Fusion.


For the other batch, we wanted to give them the look of heirloom pumpkins, like the Cinderella pink heirloom pumpkins (for these we used Fusion Mineral Paint Damask, Peony, and Millenial Pink Milk Paint by Fusion to add texture. We all love the blue pumpkins too, but if you are not lucky to find them in your neck of the woods, you can easily paint them for these we used Fusion Mineral Paint Inglenook!


Painted Pumpkins

What makes most faux pumpkins look fake is the stem, so we removed the original plastic ones and glued  on real pumpkins’ stems. We also gave each faux pumpkin an overall sanding to remove the glossy finish before applying our paint. For the ones where we added texture, we simply mixed the milk paint powder very thick and painted it on.

For the warty-looking pumpkin, we glued on peanut shells. To enhance the indentation on the pumpkins after painting, we strategically applied either Fusion Ageing Wax or White wax in that area.

plastic pumpkins and paint supplies

We love how they turned out, we also painted some pumpkins in ombre pastels a while ago and those turned out so pretty! See them HERE

If you paint your pumpkins with Fusion be sure to tag us on social so we can see them.

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