How To Create a Faux Barn Board Finish

with Fusion Mineral Paint


I love real wood texture, however some pieces just don’t have it!


Here’s I’ll show you how easy it is to create a faux wood texture on almost any surface!


I found two junky old particle board tables. They looked just like this one, only with damaged edges and scratches.



Now these tables are a really nice size, plus they stack, so space saving too. I knew I could do something spectacular with them.


Never one to shy away from a challenge, I actually refinished my table LIVE on air! Yes, truly! In front of over 100,000 people I created the stunning finish I am sharing with you today.


Your shopping list:






I am so excited to share this. One thing to note, you can, if you wish, stop after dry brushing, but I do love the depth and age that the Black Wax brings to the game.


So, in just 4 simple steps, is what I did.


Step 1:


  • Prep your item with a good clean, and a light sand.
  • Paint a coat of Fusion™ Mineral Paint in Linen.
  • Allow to dry to the touch.


Step 2:


  • While the paint dries, make a paste of equal parts Linen, Little Stork & Sand Stone Texture.
  • If it is a little thin, add more Sandstone. You want the consistency of frosting. Roughly paint a thin layer all over the newly dried paint surface.
  • Following the instructions on your wood graining tool, drag it through the mix. It is a good idea to practice first on some scrap card.
  • Allow to dry.


Step 3:


  • Once the Sand Stone Texture is dry, apply a very light coat of Little Stork, using a dry brush technique. Use kitchen paper to take paint off your brush and use a very light hand.


Optional Step:



Step 4:


  • Finish, if desired, with a coat of Furniture Wax – Black, apply with a brush or lint free cloth, pushing the wax into all the grooves and ridges you have created. Wipe away any excess.
  • If you added too much wax, you can control it and remove it using our Furniture Wax – Clear.


Step 4

Step 5:


  • You are all done. I told you it was easy!



So give it a go. I am so delighted with my curb side finds. They look as though they came from a high end interiors store with a price to match!


Grab your paint, find a project and go for it. What is the worst that can happen?


You know, if you really want some extra help and tips, our Fusion™ Merchants are spread all over the world, and most offer workshops, help and advice – so go and pick their brains. You will be glad you did.


Be sure to post you finished work to our Facebook Page, but most of all, have fun!

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