Furniture Wax • Fusion™ Mineral Paint
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How to Apply:

Use a clean cotton cloth or brush to apply wax in a thin layer, working into recesses of carved details or surface imperfections. Wipe away excess. Allow it to dry for 3-5 minutes. Buff to a shine with a clean lint-free cotton cloth.

We know you love our waxes, so we have added to the collection.
As well as Black, Espresso, & Clear you can choose Liming, for a slightly grey/white tinge, Ageing, for a wonderful authentically aged look, or one of the wonderful new metallic waxes – Copper, Pearl or Rose Gold!
Simply stunning!


This Black Wax adds instant age and depth to any project!


Just add a small amount to the areas that have any ridges and recesses, and let the wax work its magic!


For a less dramatic effect, try our Espresso Wax!


Espresso Furniture Wax  gives you the perfect amount of instant vintage age with a soft subtle rich espresso brown look. Think of sepia!


Great for the recesses and details on your piece!


For more inspiration read our blog below!

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