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Why Choose Fusion Mineral paint? |


Paint is awesome. We truly believe in changing the world one brushstroke at a time.


But believe us when we say, not all furniture paints are created equal!


Fusion will give you superior durability and there is no need to add a top coat. |


You may wonder why Fusion Mineral Paint is different. Why should you choose Fusion for your project?


The answers are pretty simple.




Fusion has been in development for over 25 years. You can be sure of the technology, stability and knowledge that stands behind the beautiful colours and finish achieved with Fusion.


Stunning colours, superior durability and no need to top coat make Fusion the Furniture Flippers Choice. |



We hear time and again from customers that they love not having to apply a top coat. Knowing that the durability is amazing is wonderful for peace of mind.


Fusion allows you to get a fantastic finish, to layer, to add interest, to distress and so much more.


The range of complimentary accessory products, whilst not always required, add interest and depth. Take a look at our waxes, Stains and Fresco.


Fusion Mineral Paint can be distressed beautifully. |


Just look at this beautifully refinished chair from Anderson & Grant in Fusion colour, Champlain.


Antique chair leg painted in Fusion Mineral Paint colour Champlain by Anderson & Grant. |


You can get incredibly smooth, brush stroke free lines – perfect for MCM, or modern looks. We love this super simple beauty from Q is for Quandie using our Laurentian and Champlain.


A little MCM beauty using Laurentian from Fusion by Q is for Quandie. |


See how beautiful the finish is?


A beautiful brush stroke free finish using Fusion from Q is for Quandie. |



So if you are not sure about Fusion, or have yet to try it, go and see your nearest Fusion retailer or order on-line. You will not be disappointed!


We promise you will love it as much as we do!


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