Bellwood Georgian Decoupage Desk

How to Decoupage with Ultra Grip

Bellwood painted desk


Just before we launched our new colour collection we reached out to some influencers in the UK and asked them to paint it beautiful. Let us introduce Sarah from Home Revival in the UK

Working with vintage worn and weathered furniture

Follow along to see the beautiful new colour on a decoupage desk.

Bellwood painted desk


Having some lovely old pieces to work on can be a dilemma! Do you fill and sand every nick bump and bruise or do you leave the time-worn weathered age of the piece? There isn’t a simple answer, the look you are going for will determine if you need to do some extra steps or not. This piece was a dressing table and has been well-loved. It has age and history and we didn’t want to lose that.  Not on this piece, it is Circa 1800 after all.


desk scraper messy prep

Prepping a painted piece

Prep for painted furniture is simple, clean it well and if it is shiny give it a scuff sand. The paint was matte on the desk but had some peeling paint on the top from cosmetics and face creams etc, it was a mess. The top got a good sanding and the body had a really good clean with TSP Alternative.

saanded and a coat of primer to desk

The top was dark so a coat of Casement was added before the coat of Bellwood.

prepping desk

The Vintage look

Keeping the vintage charm of this pretty desk we had decided to paint and distress a little after. A roller and a couple of different sized brushes were used to give it 2 coats of the fabulous new colour Bellwood from Fusions’ new colour collection. 

Bellwood painted furniture

See the new collection here! 

Decoupage desk

Ultra Grip - Fusion Mineral Paint

Ultra Grip was applied with a roller to the top of the desk and left overnight to dry. It needs the drying time to do its magic so don’t cheat on that. The decoupage paper was laid on top and using a greaseproof piece of paper a hot iron was used to reactivate the Ultra Grip. The heat (no steam) reactivates the Ultra Grip which grabs the decoupage and you get an excellent bond. The decoupage paper is stuck to the top of the desk without any wrinkles or bubbles. The perfect decoupage desk

top down look at the decoupaged surface


Click here to watch the video process of using ultra Grip for Decoupage

The edges were sanded off to leave a perfectly flat smooth surface. Another decoupage paper was applied in the same way over the top of the first. A script style paper, very apt for a desk!

Distressing for an aged look 

water spray bottle - wet sanding technique


The wet sanding method was used to ensure there were no sanding marks and to leave a smooth buttery feel. If you haven’t tried this method yet, you are missing out.


The surface was sprayed lightly with water ( after drying at least overnight ) and a soft grit sanding sponge was used in a circular motion. Wipe away the sludgy mess and viola! The perfect method for aging and distressing. It is a soft worn look rather than the hardness you can sometimes get using just sandpaper.


Highlighting Imperfections

Side shot of finished Bellwood decoupaged desk

The distressing was in the places the paint had naturally worn previously, this helps it look authentic. The dings and dents were also sanded to reveal older paint or a little wood peeking through. 

Floral Bouquet _ script Deluxe Decoupage papers Posh Chalk Bellwood desk

The Gold metallic paint made with Posh Chalk Metallic pigments added a little touch of glam to the recessed trim on the top and to the feet.. because why not? The hardware was cleaned up and a little aging wax added to take the sheen back a little and add some patina.

Desk , chair, feather, bottles and plant


The decoupaged papered top had 2 coats of Glossy Tough Coat for protection and a luscious sheen over the top of the decoupage desk top.

top view of glossy decoupaged desk top

Bringing an old desk back to life

This is the perfect example that not all painted furniture has to look brand new, sometimes embracing the imperfections is just what is needed. Highlight that broken trim or cracked wood and fall in love with the patina of your antique refreshed furniture. It really is perfectly imperfect on this decoupaged desk.

You can see more Fusion makeovers over on Sarah’s blog

side shot of painted Bellwood decoupaged desk

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