How to paint laminate furniture

using Fusions Ultra Grip

How to paint laminate - Fusion Mineral Paint


Laminate can be difficult to paint and that’s where Fusions Ultra Grip comes to the rescue. Ultra Grip has been formulated to act as a bonding primer for super slick surfaces, making the impossible to paint, possible. Follow along step by step to see how to paint laminate furniture.


Laminate dresser and prep items

How to paint Laminate

Supplies for this project:

  1. Fusion TSP
  2. Flexible sanding pads
  3. Ultra Grip
  4. Good quality brush
  5. Fusion roller kit
  6. Divine Lavender from the Lisa Marie Holmes Collection
  7. Wood putty
  8. Stencil
  9. Pearl Embossing paste


Laminate dresser being cleaned with Fusion TSP


Preparing the laminate furniture.


Prep the laminate by first cleaning with TSP and let dry, then scuff sand with 220 flexible sanding sponge and remove the dust. Apply a coat of Ultra Grip to the entire piece using a brush or even an applicator pad and leave for 12 hrs.  To find out more about Ultra Grip click here.


Applying Ultra Grip with a brush


Ultra Grip goes on milky and dries clear, it should be applied in thin coats. If applied too thick it can hold texture and you will see brush strokes. As an alternative to brushing you can use this wipe on pad to apply smooth even coats of Ultra Grip.


Ultra Grip being applied to Applicator pad

Applying Ultra Grip with an applicator pad


Updating old hardware


Remove the old hardware and use the wood putty to fill the old holes. Sand smooth and remove the dust.


Removing old hardware

Filling Holes with Wood Putty

Sand the wood putty smooth


Painting the dresser

Apply 2 coats of paint using a brush and a roller for the larger flat surfaces.

Brushing on first coat


Raised stencilling


Place and tape your stencil securely, apply our Pearl Embossing paste with a paint stick or spatula. Spread it out over the stencil and remove the excess. For more stencil tutorials click here

Top tip Our Pearl Smooth Embossing Paste can be tinted using any of the colour from the Fusion Mineral Paint range.


Stencil taped and Embossing paste applied


Remove the stencil and allow to dry overnight, add your new hardware and you are done, and thanks to Ultra Grip, making the impossible to paint, possible.


Close up of Raised pearl embossed stencil on Lavender painted laminate dresser

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A before and after shot of the dresser



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