How to paint a sideboard featuring Twilight Geranium

Use our this stunning, deep purple to create an elegant look!


In this project, we are going to teach you how to paint a sideboard using Twilight Geranium, to create that perfect elegant look for your home! We’ve kept these projects ready and waiting for you for awhile. Now that we have finally launched our Lisa Marie Holmes collection, we get to share them with you and teach you how to transform your home with this beautiful color collection featuring five new colors including this one – Twilight Geranium. This color is a rich, deep purple tone and it adds a very sophisticated vibe to any space.


How to paint a sideboard using Twilight Geranium from the Lisa Marie Holmes collection



    STEP 1



    Start by removing your hardware and drawers from the base. This makes the sideboard easier to paint and get into the nooks and crannies and to paint into those hard to get to areas.


    Give it a thorough cleaning with Fusion TSP, which is made to get rid of all that grease, grime and dirt. This step is absolutely imperative to ensure your surface had no residue that can compromise the adhesion of the paint.


    STEP 2



    The original finish on this sideboard was a cherry stained veneer sealed with a lacquer. Any shiny surface we strongly recommend at the very least a scuff sanding on before painting. We actually started out sanding with 120 grit and worked up to 150 to scuff the surface to allow for adhesion.


    Afterwards clean up the dust residue with tack cloth.

    STEP 3



    Priming a piece before using Fusion is a very project dependent decision. We recommend using a BIN Shellac primer anytime you want to seal in wood knots to prevent bleed through or if you’re going from a dark surface to a lighter, you can use a neutral grey paint such as Little Lamb to minimize the amount of coats of paint you need.


    Because of the dark cherry wood, we applied 2 coats of Zinnser BIN Shellac Primer. Then we sanded with 220 grit to smooth.


    STEP 4


    Three coats Twilight Geranium were applied using our Fusion Microfiber roller kit. Do you want to know a great trick for a super smooth finish? Lightly sand between coats. This gets rid of any accidental paint bumps, roller marks and so forth. For this project we used a 320 grit paper to smooth and sand.

    Leaving us with a piece that is oh so elegant and classy!

    STEP 5


    For the knobs and handles we used Fusion’s Metallic Gold. We gave them a cleaning with TSP and then using a small brush, painted them with the gold! It’s just that little touch of something extra, but it makes a huge difference in the overall look of the sideboard.

    Put your hardware back on and enjoy this timeless beauty! Remember, that while Fusion Mineral Paint is dry to the touch fairly quickly, it takes 21 days to fully cure. So be careful with being too rough on the surface of your item until then – think vases with water or anything that could potentially scratch your surface.

    If you have finished a project using Twilight Geranium or any of the five gorgeous colors in our Lisa Marie Holmes Collection, share them with us on Paint it Beautiful! And follow the hashtag #FusionxLMH on social media to take a look at all of projects people are sharing using the Lisa Marie Collection colors.




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