Colour Trends for 2022

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We love having fun with colour – we say ‘furniture is like fashion’ so let’s see what colours are trending in interiors for 2022.

Seeing what is happening in the fashion and interior world of colour makes it fun to see them merge from one industry to the other. Let’s dive in and live life in full colour.

Deep Rich Teal

We’re seeing lots of Deep rich Teals, greens and watery blues adding depth and a focal point to your space.  Try our Renfrew Blue, Pressed Fern or Homestead Blue. Teal blue ot Teal green and all in between this colour is grounding but a fun pop of colour anywhere.


Grays are taking a back seat as We’re seeing lots of taupes, warm neutrals beiges creams, jute, and wicker tones. Try our Plaster, Cashmere or Cathedral Taupe. Soft inviting and warm, taupes in all their natural glory will feature heavily next year.

Vibrant yellows and mustard tones are a fun pop of vibrancy to any space, our Little Star and Mustard are perfect pops of fun colour. Bright and sunny is just what is needed in 2022, with more people working from home this colour gives your home a boost.

Pink Tones

We’re still seeing through our rose coloured glasses, however, some of our pinks are turning dusty and a bit of a terracotta rust vibe is trending for 2022. We will show you some great custom blends to achieve this coming soon. Pinks can be used in any room from the main feature to an added focus pink is sure to be around in all shades.

And finally, indigo blues add intensity and drama to any space. Try our Liberty Blue or Midnight Blue. Light moody or bright Blue will add drama to your space in 2022.

Which of these colour trends can you see yourself using in your home next year?

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