French Eggshell Console Table Makeover

Stain & Finishing Oil as a glaze

front shot of finished and staged console table


Roz one of our amazing content creators and made over this French Eggshell Console table using our Stain and Finishing oil as a glaze hack technique! Get this paint makeover, check out the steps below so you can recreate this look!

dark brown curvy console table

Supply List:

French Eggshell Console

The first step with any project is a good cleaning with Fusion TSP Alternative. It is always surprising how much dirt is on a piece even if it looks clean. Just everyday handling is enough to inhibit proper adhesion so don’t skip this step! Cleaning with TSP Alternative is the minimum prep for any piece of furniture you want to paint.

bowl of water TSP and rag


French Eggshell is such a beautiful soft blue green paint colour, perfect for the main colour on this curvy console. It really has the French vibe going on. Two coats is best for an opaque solid finish. You can see here that the first coat is showing through the base colour, wait 2-4 hours then apply your second coat.

paintng with Frensch Eggshell fusion mineral paint

Casement was then painted on to highlight the pretty carvings.

White paint on the carvings of the console table

close of glazed carvings

Faux Glaze Technique

It was allowed to dry overnight and SFO Cappuccino was added to the details almost like a glaze. It was applied allowed to sit for a few minutes and then wiped back off using a rag. This faux glaze technique has a few benefits; not only does it age the piece it also adds protection all in one! And if you want to change it again in the future you can just paint right over it! With a regular glaze you also have to top coat it, so you’re saving a lot of steps.

side view of French Eggshell painted console

When the SFO was dry it was lightly distressed to highlight all the gorgeous details.

Finished and staged console table


Staining a tabletop

The top of this console was sanded back to bare wood and stained using SFO in Cappuccino to tie the whole piece together. It works so well with the French Eggshell and the colours work so well to keep the history and the style alive.

front shot of finished and staged console table

Click here to see Roz live on the Fusion Mineral Paint Facebook page painting this pretty console.

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Do you think these colours complement the style? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow us over on YouTube for more inspiration.

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