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By far the easiest stain & top coat combo ever to use for exceptional durability in high traffic areas like table tops, kitchen cabinets and even flooring. This All in One Stain and Finishing Oil is your go to solution to bare wood to show off the grain, yet change the colour to your desire. Comes in 6 gorgeous colours. Perfect for high traffic areas such as Table Tops and Flooring. Very easy to use, minimal odour and Eco Friendly! Apply it with a brush, or rag, and wipe away the excess. It’s that easy.

With a combination of natural oils and resins that penetrate into the wood fibers to create a durable, scratch resistant, waterproof finish. It does not leave a surface film that sits on top, rather it soaks in and becomes part of your wood. It is ideal for wooden table tops as it has excellent resistance to abrasions and can be washed over and over again!



This is a highly concentrated oil blend so a little will go a long way!


This container will cover what 1 Litre of comparable stains do on the market giving you 2 to 3 times more coverage than any water-based stains.


Our Stain & Finishing Oil is composed of plant products, Safflower oil, Tung oil, Linseed oil, Vegetable wax, safe odourless mineral solvent and cobalt free siccative which means effective drying without toxic cobalt dryers while being virtually odourless.

Select a finish *

    Golden Pine

    This light golden colour adds a touch of warmth, just liked aged pine.


    This on trend weathered gray look is your perfect go to if you want a gray washed look.


    Deep dark and rich black as night!


    Rich and deep, this stunning brown brings warmth and depth for a deep brown finish.


    The White Wash look is so bright and airy.


    It’s so easy to achieve with this All in One Stain and Finishing Oil.

    Natural (clear)

    Not looking for a colour, but want a super strong durable coating for your floors or table tops?


    Try our Natural.

Finish is approximate *

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Use the Natural color to add more protection instead of a second coat of color which can make the finish more opaque.

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