This is our favourite neutral warm white that pairs well with virtually any colour!


Lamp White

This neutral cool white has subtle hints of grey. This colour resembles how  white walls and furniture would appear after years of oil lamp use.

Sterling collage


A cool, neutral grey. It goes well with reds, yellows and whites.

Bedford Collage


One of our hidden gems, this is a mid-range neutral grey with a strong yellow tone. Goes well with the colour Limestone, Ash and Fort York Red.

Ash Collage


This is a soft yet bold charcoal grey.

Coal Black Fusion™

Coal black

An absolute jet black that can accentuate any colour.

Limestone Fusion™


Representing the off-white warm tone of natural limestone, this is a favourite in the line that pairs well with blues and greens.

Champlain Fusion™


Hands down our most popular neutral warm white has depth. From small to large projects, it too goes well with everything!

Buttermilk Cream

Buttermilk cream

Just as the name indicates this is a warm soft creamy yellow. Goes nicely with greens, greys, reds and black.

Cathedral Taupe

Cathedral Taupe

Offering the slightest hint of a soft pink undertone, this neutral taupe goes with virtually anything!

Damask Fusion™


This is a bold muted mauve. Quite impressive when distressed over our chocolate or Coal Black. Goes well with neutral whites as well as the grey blues and light browns.

Fort York Red Fusion™

Fort York Red

This vibrant fire engine red has been extremely popular over the years. Splashes of this red really pops with excitement in an otherwise neutral room.

When used under Coal Black or Ash for the distressed look, it can accentuate the mouldings or edges on the furniture piece.

Aubusson Fusion™


A Pear like soft greenish-yellow. Perfect for that unique project that you want to stand out!

It can be a greenish-yellow or yellowish-green, depending on it’s surroundings. In the evening the colour seem as though it changed again.

Prairie Sunset Fusion™

Prairie Sunset

A cheerful warm yellow. So vibrant, yet flexible enough that it can be used with just about any other colour!

Inglenook Fusion™


One of most popular colours, Inglenook is a soft blue-grey with just a hint of pale green. It shows very well when

 used with clean crisp colours. Depending on the lighting, it can look more blue, or more green.

Champness Fusion™


This classic blue has been associated with both sea and sky, gorgeous and crisp.

Homestead Blue Fusion™

Homestead Blue

 This historical blue  from our Canadiana Collection has stood the test of time for over 20 years when we first came out with it. Grey and muted teal undertones goes well with deep yellows, reds and all neutrals.

Liberty Blue Fusion™

Liberty Blue This highly saturated, intense royal blue has been one of our original blues for over 20 years. It definitely packs a punch and stands out. Use with caution!!

Upper Canada Green Fusion™

Upper Canada Green

 This bright vibrant granny smith apple green has a strong yellow influence. Pairs well with all kinds of yellows muted or bright. Next to whites such as Casement is when you can really see this colour shine!

Laurentien Fusion™


Our twist on a Robin’s Egg blue, at times it has been referred to as a pastel, yet,  is just a bit too intense for that to be the defining description

Ceramic Green Fusion™

Ceramic Green

This vibrant green can really make a statement. Next to crisp clean whites it will make your furniture piece standout!! Perfect for those small projects where you just want a splash of colour.

Renfrew Blue Fusion™

Renfrew Blue

 Our famous and super popular teal-blue, looks great with yellows, reds and grey-taupes.

Algonquin Fusion™


 Our most popular deep taupe tends to change its colour tone depending on the lighting situation. Is this neutral colour a yellow-beige or a brownish-grey or a grey-sage?

It’s really hard to say as it all depends on the colours around it. It can go with just about anything!

Chocolate Fusion™


This beautiful deep rich brown is perfect for undercoating when you want to achieve a distressed look.

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