Pink is the new Black

Help us Vote for our newest color!

Pink Paint Colour


Pink is the new Black.

We have been working with Michael Penney in response to your desires for a new Pink in the Fusion Range! We have 4 gorgeous pinks that are contenders.

Now it’s your turn to vote! Visit our Facebook Page here

  • Simply write # 1, 2, 3 or 4 in your selection.
  • Share our post with your friends so they can vote too!
  • The voting will take place until June 15th! The winning colour will go into production for end of Summer for an early Fall launch!
  • One voter at random will be selected to win 2 FREE Pints of Fusion Mineral Paint!


Pink Paint Colour Fusion Mineral Paint

Help us choose our newest colour in the range!



Pink Paint Colour Fusion Mineral Paint


Pink Paint Colour Fusion Mineral Paint


Pink Paint Colour Fusion Mineral Paint


Pink Paint Colour Fusion Mineral Paint


Pink Paint Colour Fusion Mineral Paint


Pink Paint Colour Fusion Mineral Paint


Here is a little behind the scenes of our custom mixing process! So many options! Learn more on how to custom blend your own colours here!


Pink Paint Colour Fusion Mineral Paint




Mineral Paint

  • Wendy Jamieson

    I am super excited to have a deeper pink in the Fusion Range. I think, no I know, I am going to have a lot of happy customers.
    Thanks to Jennylyn, Loree, Michael and the whole team that has worked so hard to keep up with the ever changing popularity of a wide variety of colors to choose from!

    ~Wendy J
    “Easy Peasy Paint”

  • JMBTender

    They are all beautiful and I was torn between 2 and 4 but 2 was my winner!

  • It’s Time
  • Madeline Merritt


  • Adriana Santoro

    3 e 4

  • Sandra En Bimmel


  • Susi Sturlesi


  • Rossana Gatti


  • Sarah Winstanley


  • Karen Douglass

    #2 is my favourite … love that shade of pink …!!

  • Miriam Vargova


  • Kim Cushing

    #2 Romantic, soft, and dreamy! The tone lends itself to be a terrific neutral. Love it!

  • Darlene Van Belle

    I really like number 3!

  • Winnie Marie

    Love them all but 3 is my favourite!

  • Denice

    I love the #1 ,video

  • Lisa Silfwerbrand

    Hmmm… such a hard choice as they are all so pretty but I think I have to go with #2

  • Becky Lamb

    #3 seems to be the perfect pink!

  • Brittanyrio

    I love them all but #2 is my favorite!

  • Sandra Fraser

    #1 – soft and pretty with a hint is the perfect color!

  • Sandra Dee Mac


  • Sue Wills McLaughlin


  • Barbara Samson


  • Diane LaBrie

    #2 and I’d call it Bubblegum. They’re all lovely.

  • Shirley Whiteway-Matheson

    I love them all, but my favorite is #1

  • GR


  • Charlotte Sylvest Andersen

    #2 love it!

  • Debra Hubbs


  • Gloria Rivera


  • Kim Stol Abbott

    #4 will give us a broader base to customize with, including the ability to make the other 3 options

  • Wendy Wagner

    #4. Love the richness.

  • Gail

    Does #1 have peach undertones (like Little Piggy) or is it a true pink pastel?

  • Cindy Fleming

    I like 2

  • Sarah E. Funke

    I tend to like warmer tones so #3 for me. I’m still new at all this but always exited to try new colors!

  • Kelly Batsch Culver


  • Jackie Fulton


  • Tracey Slater

    #2 is my first choice and I love all four. Why can’t you do all four?

  • Lori Howard-Puglisevich

    #2 is my favorite!

  • Debbie Libel

    #1 is my favorite

  • Leslie Tebo

    #4, beautiful shade!

  • Monica Almanza

    My choice is #3, but really like 4 too.

  • Christel Bradbury


  • Karina Eldridge

    Love number 3 but 2 is a close second

  • Cat

    #3 or #4, hard to tell on screen, I think #4 if it isn’t too purple/violet based.

  • Amanda Wallace

    Loveeee #3!!! I hope it wins!

  • Anne Michelle

    #4 is my fav although they are all beautiful

  • Sandra Lancioni

    #4 è bellissimo

  • noirsphynx

    I like #1 as is but for customizing a blend I’d go for #4

  • Janet Billings

    I LOVE #2, just a blush of pink, sophisticated, not too girly, beautiful.

  • Ivonne Ferrari

    #2 or #4

  • Frederika Polet


  • Maria Campaniello

    #4! <3

  • #1!!!! Soft

  • Karen Miracle


  • Stefannie Picard

    #4 princesse

  • Tina Bain

    #3 is beautiful and would look nice with wax.

  • carol belli

    I seriously feel #2, #3, AND #4 should make the final cut! Just think about the endless shades that will be created when mixing these combinations in different proportions!!! Loooooove this pretty pink palette!! #4 is my ULTIMATE fav if I had to only pick one!!!🌼💜🌸

  • Annie Thibodeau

    No 3 !

  • Christie Pagano

    love #2

  • Bethanie Frank


  • NotEinstein

    Number 3

  • notapplicable

    2! It’s so antique looking! <3

  • Gaetane Leger

    I love # 4 wow

  • Anne Meyer

    3! It is so lovely!❤️

  • 2 is perfection!

  • France Racicot

    Pour moi c’est 2. Je l’adore!

  • Casandra Black


  • Authorlady

    2 is beautiful

  • Kitt

    Love, love, love #1. But really liking#2 also!

  • Evelyne Boulerice

    I like 2 but really would want 3