Pantone Colour of the year 2021 X Fusion Mineral Paint

Little Lamb and Little Star



We couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance of the 2021 Pantone colours of the year to our very own Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb and Little Star.



Developed nearly 6 years ago, when Jennylyn launched the Tones for Tots line while she was expecting her son, these colours were bound to turn heads. Jennylyn wanted to bring attention to the health and safety of paints, and the fact that Fusion Mineral Paint is Zero VOC, it allows for us to paint indoors without worrying about toxic off-gassing. We’re all more health-conscious and aware of our indoor air quality these days, with Fusion, you can rest assured you’re using the highest quality product on the market.

Pantone colour of the year 2021

Now let’s dive into these Pantone 2021 colors for the year, Fusion style! In search of the perfect neutral grey, without a blue undertone? Little Lamb delivers! And to bring about a pop of colour an inspiring and energetic yellow Little Star!


Little Star

This punchy yellow adds a large dose of sunshine to any piece.

This great pop of colour is as vibrant as a summer day, and quickly becomes the center of attention.

Little Lamb

Get into grey with this fantastic wooly neutral that adds a classy look to any DIY project.

This is a hue that plays nicely with every colour in our collection, making it the perfect complementary shade.


Here’s a sneak peek at Jennylyn’s son’s Nursery, can you spot these on-trend colors?

The stencil on the wall was an easy feature!


And yes indeed, that is a real Little Lamb! Isn’t she a cheeky one with her tongue sticking out? We like to have fun with our photoshoots as much as possible, and this little lamb made this one exceptionally memorable!

We’re inspired over here for 2021!


Do you see yourself using one of these Pantone colours of the year?

If not, stay tuned as we release our Fusion Mineral Paint highlight colours of the year in our upcoming blogs!

Leave us a comment below for what you think are trending colors for 2021!


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