Furniture Painter’s Ultimate Product Guide

Everything you need to know


Are you a furniture flipper or DIY painter looking for the ultimate paint products guide? Want to know how to prep your furniture for paint? Need help choosing the right brush for your project? Curious about which topcoat to pick? Want to learn how to add texture, decoupage, waxes, or metallics to your pieces? All of your questions are answered right here! This 60+ page new Fusion Mineral Paint product guide will inspire you through our full range of products, giving you everything you need to know and some fresh fun ideas to Paint it Beautiful!

image of front cover of product guide

All your questions answered

We have taken great care to listen to your feedback and ensure we have answered all your questions regarding our extensive range of products. Every product is included in the full colour brochure so you have all the information your need on hand.

On each product we have added a beautiful inspirational image, some instructions and a QR code, this code will take you to the website where you can get more information on that product! See we thought of everything.

How to use the QR code

Using the QR code is simple, just open your camera app on your phone and hold over the QR code, the clever phone will show you a pop up to a link! Just click that and you will be taken to the website to the article all about that product. Clever eh? A simpler way to keep all the information you need at hand.



Furniture Painter’s Product Guide

The product guide will be available from your local retailer in full-colour glossy 60+ page magazine-style! Get the best results from our product and grab your product guide today.

Or you can download your free version Fusion-Product Guide right here.


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