Furniture Flip with Fusion Mineral Paint

upcycled nightstand with Chateau and Rose Water


Grab yourself a thrift store find and follow along as we show you a quick furniture flip upcycled nightstand using Chateau and Rose Water from the new colour collection. A pretty vintage vibe in a few easy steps.


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A Quick Furniture Flip

Starting your furniture painting journey can sometimes seem daunting, this tutoral will show you how you can upcycle a thrifted find, to start your first Fuson furniture flip!

Supplies you will need

TSP Alternative

Paper Towels

Painter’s Tape

150/220 Grit sandpaper

BIN Shellac Primer

Fusion Mineral Paint Chateau

Fusion Mineral Paint Rosewater

Staalmeester Round Brush 

Fusion, 2 inch Angled Brush

This little side table was a curbside find. It was covered in a bad spray paint job and was extremely dirty, but it was solid wood, so a great foundation for any furniture flip.

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Prepping your piece

Dilute Fusion TSP cleaner into a 1:5 ratio of warm water and transferred to a spray bottle. Warm water helps to break up any grime and the TSP dissolves it.  Blue Shop towels are great to wipe away the excess water and dirt as these towels are really absorbent. When your cloth is clean you are done.



Removing old finish

For this project, we wanted to paint a light colour so we removed all of the spray paint finish with an orbital sander and a laminate veneer over the top.  150 grit to remove the finish and 220 grit to smooth out any major imperfections. Clean the dust with the Fusion TSP solution and shop towels. 



This step can be skipped on your furniture flip if you are painting a dark colour over a dark finish or if the piece you are working with is light and the paint is in good sound condition just clean, scuff sand if shiny, if not paint away.


Sealing in wood tannins


The base was primed using Zinsser BIN Shellac Primer. This is to prevent any bleed through from both the wood and the remnants of the previous old finish. Sanding with 220 grit between coats of primer can give you a smoother finish, but isn’t always needed. The top has been taped off for later. 




Painting with Rose Water

 A Fusion angled brush was used to paint the interior with 2 coats of Rose Water. A beautiful soft romantic pink. It provides a pretty pop of colour on an otherwise neutral piece. Fusion Round Brush was used to paint 2 coats of Chateau over the entire base. Because it was previously primed, only two coats were necessary for full coverage. 


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Creating Stripes with Painters Tape

The primer was sanded back on the top and some stayed behind in the grain to create a whitewash look. Painter’s tape was used to create a fun striping across the top. This is where you can get creative! Make sure to apply lots of pressure to the edges of the tape to create a tight bond and to prevent the paint from bleeding under. 



Apply 2 coats of Chateau to ensure good even coverage, and when dry remove the tape. That’s the fun part!


You decide what you want on your furniture flip, it can be as simple or artistic as you’d like.



Add a little fun detail with drawer liners.


A budget-friendly furniture flip

This cute vintage-style nightstand now makes a statement in this bedroom. The original knobs were changed out for these vintage style glass. This guest bedroom is now warm and inviting and ready for company. For just a minimal amount you can have all the supplies to start flipping furniture with Fusion Mineral Paint!



Cute vintage nightstand fusion mineral paint Painted nightstand pretty vintage style Side view of pretty painted nightstand Furniture Flip with Fusion Mineral Paint


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