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Get to know Jessie Matsen!


Once again, we came across such an amazing piece that we just HAD to feature it from Jesse Matsen Fusion merchant in Ontario at The Carriage House Studio.


About The Carriage House Studio:

The Carriage House Studio is a proud retailer of Fusion Mineral Paint products and specializes in working with clients to makeover their old, well-loved furniture into something beautiful again.  Owner, Jessie Matsen is also Fusion Mineral Paint Merchant. She can often be found in her studio with a paint brush in hand, and her shop dog, Kevin, sleeping by her side. The Carriage House Studio is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



What do you love about Fusion Mineral Paint?

What’s NOT to love!? I think what I love most is the range of products that Fusion Mineral Paint has to offer. I love that I have everything that I need from prep – like the organic TSP Alternative, and my new favourite the Odourless Solvent – to any sort of finishing product that you can imagine. There is something for every type of painter, from minimalists who love clean lines and matte finishes to those who love old-world looks with different layers, textures, and waxes. Fusion has all of the products needed for any look, and I know that the quality will always be excellent. I love that I can offer all of these items to my customers and know that they are getting the very best!


Hazelwood: I have such a hard time describing Hazelwood! It is the perfect combination of calming neutral and sophisticated boldness. I feel like anything that gets painted with Hazelwood will be transformed into a designer piece!

What is your fav colour from the new collection?

Oh gosh, it’s almost impossible for me to choose a favourite! I have 3 favourites, each for different reasons. I love how complex and dramatic Hazelwood is, yet it is completely neutral. It’s a deep and rich mixture of grey with a hint of brown, and to me looks like a very designer colour. There isn’t another colour like it! I also adore Chateau. I think it is the perfect balance of cream and grey and works beautifully on both modern and traditional pieces. And how can you not love Rose Water?! I love the softness of it, without it being too “sweet”. It is neutral and sophisticated, but still has a lot of personality. It’s the perfect pink as far as I’m concerned.


Rose Water: This is one of my new favourite colours. I’ve always loved Damask, and Rose Water is like a lighter, more neutral version. The vintage tulle dress in this photo matches Rose Water to a tee, and was actually a relic I kept from a photoshoot I did 13 years ago! I keep the dress hanging in The Carriage House Studio now.


Tell us A little bit about yourself and your painting experience.

I worked for years as a wardrobe stylist in Toronto. It was my job to put together fashion looks for celebrities and models, magazines and fashion shoots. What I loved most about styling was getting to create something by working with different shapes, colours, and textures. I had always loved painting furniture as a way to relax, and when I left my corporate job in the fashion industry I fell in love with furniture painting all over again. I discovered Fusion Mineral Paint 6 years ago when I was painting my son’s nursery furniture.

Discovering Fusion and becoming a Fusion Merchant in Ontario was a game-changer and I’ve never gone back to another brand of paint since. My painting hobby turned into a business, and I opened The Carriage House Studio almost 4 years ago here in Toronto.  At The Carriage House Studio we retail Fusion Mineral Paint products, and Staalmeester and Zibra brushes, and we use all of the awesome products that we sell to also makeover furniture pieces for clients. All in all, a lot has changed for me over the last 10 years, but I can truthfully still call myself a wardrobe stylist… It’s just a different kind of wardrobe now!



If you had one piece of advice for a novice painter, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. I think for a lot of people, including myself, sometimes the fear of messing up prevents us from creating wonderful things. But that’s how you learn. No one starts anything as an expert; that comes with time, and experience, and by making mistakes. And at the end of the day, it’s just paint!


Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is such a calming neutral green, with soft grey undertones – just like the silvery leaves of the eucalyptus plant. This colour works with so many other colours, but I especially love how it looks with whites and wood tones.


Which is your favourite new colour? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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