5 Tips to Prep your Furniture for Painting

Tips for a perfect paint finish Series Part 1/3

Celebrating Fusion’s 5 year anniversary we’ve developed a series of blogs all around Top 5 Tips! This is the 1st part of our 3 pa…
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Top 5 Tools Every DIY Painter Needs

These 5 tools will help you achieve the perfect paint job

You’ve chosen Fusion Mineral Paint, and now you’re ready to tackle painting your piece, however you may not rea
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August’s Color Story from Fusion Mineral Paint – Endless summer paint colors!

Liberty Blue, Azure, Plaster and Sterling

Our summers are short. Too short actually. So when the slightest hint of warmer weather arrives in our pocket of the world (hom
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DIY painted purple dresser Divine Lavender Fusion Mineral Paint - Lisa Marie Holmes Collection

How to Stain a Dresser Top – DIY Purple Dresser makeover with Divine Lavender – Fusion Mineral Paint

The color that everyone has been asking for is finally here in our Lisa Marie Holmes collection

We are loving the look of a two toned piece of furniture where you see wood and paint, so what better pairing than with one of our n…
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Dresser makeover with Sacred Sage from the Lisa Marie Holmes Collection with Fusion Mineral Paint

How to paint a dresser – the Before and After with Fusion’s Sacred Sage

Recreate this look for your own home with Sacred Sage from the Lisa Marie Holmes collection

Sacred Sage from our Lisa Marie Holmes color collection is one of those colors that changes depending on the lighting in the ro
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Stenciling a pillowcase with a Namaste in Bed stencil with Fusion Mineral Paint

How to stencil a fabric pillowcase

with Fusion Mineral Paint

The winter days seem to be long and cold, making us want to lounge around and enjoy the comforts of home during this season. So wh…
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An dresser painted with Enchanted Echinacea from Fusion Mineral Paint

How to fix and paint a dresser – featuring Enchanted Echinacea

Learn to paint over veneer with Fusion Mineral Paint

Last week we showed you how to paint and restore a veneer dresser by removing sections of the veneer prior to painting. This wee
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Dresser painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Goddess Ashwagandha from the Lisa Marie Holmes collection

How to fix broken veneer on furniture (a dresser makeover with Fusion!)

Painting a veneer dresser featuring Goddess Ashwagandha

Veneer dressers are often overlooked for paint projects. Why? Well, people look at them and imagine how much work it’s …
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How to paint a sideboard featuring Twilight Geranium

Use our this stunning, deep purple to create an elegant look!

In this project, we are going to teach you how to paint a sideboard using Twilight Geranium, to create that perfect elegant loo…
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Behind the scenes of our Lisa Marie Holmes Collection launch party!

A wrap up of Lisa Marie Holmes Paint Collection Launch at Homesmith House in Toronto

We know not everyone lives in Toronto (despite what rumors you may have heard about Canadians!) and because of this, we didn&#…
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