Fusion’s magical Transfer Gel

Transfer your printed images onto furniture, paper, or fabric! So. Much. Fun!

Alrighty, let’s talk Fusion’s Transfer Gel!  Since this was really my first attempt at using a transfer product…
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Our range of paint colors come sin a wide variety, including some of our most popular colours such as Casement, Raw Silk, Ash and Coal Black.

Experience the Fusion Difference

So now that you have heard of Fusion, you are probably wondering "What's the diff??"

Homestead House Paint Co. developed a 100% Acrylic furniture paint 25 years ago.


10 years ago with the Eco movement, we …
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A behind the scenes look at how Fusion is Made

Behind the Scenes

This is an exciting time where we get to give you a sneak peak of how Fusion Mineral Paint is made,  kind of like pulling back the c
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