Does Fusion™ Mineral Paint Freeze?

Can paint be shipped in winter?


Last week, a customer wrote to me, “I wasn’t home and the courier left my paint delivery o…
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Why Fusion Mineral Paint?

Top 5 reasons it is the best DIY Furniture Paint

Ever wonder Why Fusion Mineral Paint is the most sought after DIY Decor Furniture Paint? As you can imagine, we get this questi…
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Table Nightstand Up Cycle

Lego Themed!

We love to see people get as creative as Bliss Ranch.


What they’ve done with an old nightstand table is amazing. C
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Create your own holiday sign!

with AKA Design

Have you used our Sand Stone yet?


Why not create your own holiday sign like AKA design did using Fusion™!…
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A Painted Farmhouse Sign

Make your own vintage sign

Angie Chavez from Knick of time wrote a blog post about this super cute Farm Store painted sign she made using Fusion’s
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White Washed Numbered Crates for any room

Shelf Organization in style for any space

Check out these unique crates painted with Fusion by AKA Design 

What a fun storage idea that also adds style to your space.  T…
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Fusion Mineral Paint Best Blogs on How To Paint

Top 12 Questions

You Should be Asking Before Choosing a Paint Brand!

We are often inspired by a paint brands beautiful images, packaging and marketing, however we shouldn’t forget what w
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Heritage ● Quality ● Authenticity


I have long been thinking about how to choose words for this blog post.


How to describe something so crucial for me… What …
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Durable and Scrubbable, Fusion Mineral Paint takes the test!

Just how durable & scrubbable is Fusion Mineral Paint?

Sometimes we feature guest bloggers. This fabulous blog was written by Goedele of Old Red Barn.

Hi everyone! I would like to sh
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