Sand Stone Texture – What the heck is it?

Let's be honest - you have no idea what our 'Sand Stone Texture' is do you?

Let me enlighten you. Sand Stone Texture is a little pot of AWESOME! It is versatile and should be a staple part of any Furniture …
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Super Slick Surface? Paint it anyway!

Or how to make the impossible, possible using Ultra Grip.

Have you got a picture frame that would make the perfect chalk board? Go ahead –  paint the glass!


Do you have sli…
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Use Fusions Smooth Embossing Paste - Pearl to create incredible raised stencils.

Boring to Beautiful.

The Beauty of Pearl Embossing Paste.

Want to add detail but don’t know how? Let me enlighten you.


If you love painting furniture or have been glued to P
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Tough Coat By Fusion Mineral Paint is Super Tough and Non-Yellowing. |

Tough Luck!

Our Tough Coat is Incredible!

Every once in a while we need a little extra help. Not just me, everyone. Some things just need to be, well, tougher than others!…
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Hemp Oil – Feed the grain!

A 100% Natural Wood Finish

Have you heard of Hemp Oil?


If you haven’t used it yet, once you do you will wish you had it in your kit years ago!

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Tuscan Orange

From our Classic Collection


Tuscan Orange

A rustic orange-red, that was inspired from the beautiful Italian scenery and the uniquely coloured br…
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From Restore Rubbish to European Chic!

The Fresco Effect super shabby, to incredibly fabby.


We found this fantastic piece at the ReStore! Just look at it.

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Merchant Monday

with Alison from Redefined Finds

This week we are shining the Merchant Monday spotlight on Alison from Redefined Finds in Stouffville, Ontario.


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Ultra Grip

For Those Really Tricky Surfaces

Fusion™ Ultra Grip™ is for those extra difficult surfaces to promote the best adhesion possible.


Why isn’t Fusion™ pa…
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Tough Coat™

Non Yellowing Clear Top Coat

Fusion™ Mineral Paint is famous for its built in top coat. The 100% acrylic resin acts as the “glue”, so to speak,
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