Ultra Grip

For Those Really Tricky Surfaces

Fusion™ Ultra Grip™ is for those extra difficult surfaces to promote the best adhesion possible.


Why isn’t Fusion™ pa…
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Tough Coat™

Non Yellowing Clear Top Coat

Fusion™ Mineral Paint is famous for its built in top coat. The 100% acrylic resin acts as the “glue”, so to speak,
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Fusion Hopping Across the Pond

To the UK!

When I started Fusion™ Mineral Paint in the summer of 2014, I had no idea how widely known it would become! Fusion™ Mineral Pain
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Orlando Fusion™

Summit & Retreat!

If I could describe the past few days with just one word, it would be Fabulous!


Having just returned back home from sunny …
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Merchant Monday

with Monique of 3 Sheep Mercantile!

These are some of my favourite blogs to write! I absolutely love travelling and through my travels I will always stop into a Mer
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Not a BAD 4 Letter Word!

We all want everything done quick and easy, Fusion™ Mineral Paint is pretty well as perfect as you can get for quick and easy! 
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What is Fusion™ Mineral Paint?

What is Fusion™ Mineral Paint? Mineral paint is unique on the marketplace and unlike any other paint out there!

Sample Pots a…
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Merchant Monday

with Mango Reclaimed

Mango Reclaimed is a beautiful store with an even lovelier proprietor! Melanie started her store a couple of years ago, and h
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How We Developed

Our Colour Line

A little Throwback Thursday for you!


Homestead House started out as a reproduction furniture company, making tradit…
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