Colour Trends for 2022

Find your colour

We love having fun with colour – we say ‘furniture is like fashion’ so let’s see what colours are trending …
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The Ultimate Guide - How To Choose A Topcoat

The Ultimate Guide – How To Choose A Topcoat

topcoats water-based, oil-based which is best?

So you find the perfect piece, you followed the ultimate guide to prep, you find your Fusion Mineral Paint in your favourite co…
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Furniture Flip with Fusion Mineral Paint

upcycled nightstand with Chateau and Rose Water

Grab yourself a thrift store find and follow along as we show you a quick furniture flip upcycled nightstand using Chateau and …
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The Ultimate Guide How To Paint With Fusion Mineral Paint

avoiding brushstrokes and achieving smooth application

Are you worried that your paint finish will look less than professional? Do you get brushstrokes or unwanted texture in your f…
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The Ultimate Guide On How To Prep Furniture

painting with Fusion Mineral Paint

Prep for painting doesn’t have to be painful, in fact, it’s really quite simple! With just a quick clean and ligh…
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Stencil And Paint An All-Season Glass Home Sign

Stencil And Paint An All-Season Glass Home Sign

by Debbie Dion Hayes

Honestly, unlike my artsy, creative friends and neighbors, I have never been an ambitious seasonal decorator. So, I selecte…
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Fun craft project for the family this long weekend

Pumpkin painting is never going out of style! It is something that can be done with your children or just a wonderful addition t…
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Painted Fabric Wing-Back Chair

with Fusion Mineral Paint in Cashmere

Painting Fabric may seem a little odd at first, but you really can have a statement chair on a budget by making an old tattered an…
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Blue Pine & decoupage & transfer gel

Privacy Screen & Decoupage

This is a great way to separate a room, maybe to hide a workspace from a living room. It’s inexpensive and easy to do with just a co
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front shot of finished and staged console table

French Eggshell Console Table Makeover

Stain & Finishing Oil as a glaze

Roz one of our amazing content creators and made over this French Eggshell Console table using our Stain and Finishing oil as a …
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