Inspired By Ultra Violet

Pantone Color Of The Year

Recently we shared our very own custom blend using Fusion, to create Pantone’s Color of the Year – Ultra Violet! …
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snowy home

Fusion Mineral Paint is Safe for Painting Indoors!

Breathe Easy with Fusion Mineral Paint



Volatile organic compound (or VOCs).  That’s a mouthful, right? Let’s break it down and explai…
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How to wet distress furniture with Fusion Mineral Paint

How to Wet Distress Furniture

Get The Look!

A lot of people have been asking us, “How do you wet distress?”. We wanted to share our tips for how to wet distress furnitur
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Pantone Color of the Year - Fusion Mineral Paint Ultra Violet Custom Color

Pantone Colour of the Year 2018

Prep your paint brushes for purple!

Pantone has released their Color of the Year for 2018 – and we are in LOVE. This bright pop of color is just what we need in t…
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Free Paint!

What will you do with your tester?

Let’s start the New Year off right – with free Fusion™ Mineral Paint!


Participating Fusion™ retail…
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Vote for our New Colour Card Cover!

Which feature image will it be?

We have long been asked to produce a true to spec colour card since we ran out of our initial one with the 24 original Fusion colou…
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Painting It Forward

Paint is good for the soul - and the community

Paint it forward and doing something big with your brush strokes. I’m sure you know this feeling: the back and forth of y…
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How to Paint with Fusion Mineral Paint

Quick Tips for starting your next project


“Is this the no-prep paint I’ve been hearing so much about?”


I’ll be honest with you…
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Photography Back Drop Paint Faux Finish with Fusion Mineral Paint

DIY Photography Back Drop

with Fusion Mineral Paint

I’m often asked questions on how to achieve a very particular look for a faux finish effect and how to achieve it using Fu…
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Fusion Mineral Paint Best Blogs on How To Paint

Jennylyn’s Top 5 Must Read How To Paint Blogs

Fusion Mineral Paint

With so much information available out there, I wanted to create a short list of my 5 top most informative and fun blogs for you t…
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