Fusions Self-Care Products

for painters hands

Introducing our New Self-Care Products for Painters 

As a painter, you’re probably washing your hands what seems to b…
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Prep – Paint – Repeat

One-of-a-kind display cabinet

Painting a piece with Fusion Mineral Paint is as easy as can be! Following these simple steps, you will paint it beautiful.  Up
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Furniture Painter’s Ultimate Product Guide

Everything you need to know

Are you a furniture flipper or DIY painter looking for the ultimate paint products guide? Want to know how to prep your furnitu
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Colour Trends for 2022

Find your colour

We love having fun with colour – we say ‘furniture is like fashion’ so let’s see what colours are trending …
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The Ultimate Guide - How To Choose A Topcoat

The Ultimate Guide – How To Choose A Topcoat

topcoats water-based, oil-based which is best?

So you find the perfect piece, you followed the ultimate guide to prep, you find your Fusion Mineral Paint in your favourite co…
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Furniture Flip with Fusion Mineral Paint

upcycled nightstand with Chateau and Rose Water

Grab yourself a thrift store find and follow along as we show you a quick furniture flip upcycled nightstand using Chateau and …
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The Ultimate Guide How To Paint With Fusion Mineral Paint

avoiding brushstrokes and achieving smooth application

Are you worried that your paint finish will look less than professional? Do you get brushstrokes or unwanted texture in your f…
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The Ultimate Guide On How To Prep Furniture

painting with Fusion Mineral Paint

Prep for painting doesn’t have to be painful, in fact, it’s really quite simple! With just a quick clean and ligh…
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Stencil And Paint An All-Season Glass Home Sign

Stencil And Paint An All-Season Glass Home Sign

by Debbie Dion Hayes

Honestly, unlike my artsy, creative friends and neighbors, I have never been an ambitious seasonal decorator. So, I selecte…
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Fun craft project for the family this long weekend

Pumpkin painting is never going out of style! It is something that can be done with your children or just a wonderful addition t…
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Painted Fabric Wing-Back Chair

with Fusion Mineral Paint in Cashmere

Painting Fabric may seem a little odd at first, but you really can have a statement chair on a budget by making an old tattered an…
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Blue Pine & decoupage & transfer gel

Privacy Screen & Decoupage

This is a great way to separate a room, maybe to hide a workspace from a living room. It’s inexpensive and easy to do with just a co
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front shot of finished and staged console table

French Eggshell Console Table Makeover

Stain & Finishing Oil as a glaze

Roz one of our amazing content creators and made over this French Eggshell Console table using our Stain and Finishing oil as a …
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Charlotte from Not too Shabby Charlotte in the UK has used Cobblestone and a few other new colours for this Fusion Resin Pour Si…
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Bellwood painted desk

Bellwood Georgian Decoupage Desk

How to Decoupage with Ultra Grip

Just before we launched our new colour collection we reached out to some influencers in the UK and asked them to paint it beauti…
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Carriage House Studio

Get to know Jessie Matsen!

Once again, we came across such an amazing piece that we just HAD to feature it from Jesse Matsen Fusion merchant in Ontario at T…
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Cobblestone Fusion Mineral Paint


New Warm Grey Colour

This warm grey is inspired by winding cobblestone roads – equal parts romantic and sophisticated. Say hello to Cobblestone f
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Mist Fusion Mineral Paint


New Periwinkle Colour

Playful and charming, this periwinkle brings a cheerful pop of colour to any room. Say hello to Mist from the new colour collec
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Bellwood Fusion Mineral Paint


New Versatile Sage Colour

A timeless green with a lush feel. This versatile sage-inspired shade works beautifully with both classic and modern decor.
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New Warm Creamy Neutral

Wrap up in the warmth of this luxurious neutral. Soft and elegant, this shade offers a slight cream undertone. Say hello to Cas
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Blue Pine Fusion Mineral Paint


New Versatile Blue-Green Colour

This versatile blue-green has a grey tint, making it the perfect choice to make a bold statement on its own or as a neutral found
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Your new go to off white furniture paint colour!

You’ve been looking for the perfect white, not too cool and not too warm, well here it is! Say hello to Victorian Lace fro
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A soft blue with grey undertones

An ode to our heritage. Inspired by the rivers edge that runs through the beautiful town of Paisley, Scotland; this multitone
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New Warm Neutral Grey

Introducing Chateau from our new colour collection A grounding neutral inspired by enchanting castle walls. This shade ref
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New Light Pink Colour

Rose Water from the new colour collection A neutral pink inspired by the droplets from steeped rose petals. Delicate and mode
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Introducing Eucalyptus from the new colour collection –  This muted green with undertones of grey is a must for your pa
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Pot of Hazelwood in watery paint cloud.



Hazelwood is bound to be your go-to deep neutral grey paint colour in your home decor for a sophisticated, yet soft rich look an…
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New Colours Fusion Mineral Paint



At Fusion™ we are forever inspired by colour all around us – taking cues from nature and landscapes to travel and fashion. Our e
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Stencil A Reverse-Painted Glass Serving Tray

Stencil A Reverse-Painted Glass Serving Tray

by Debbie Dion Hayes

Let’s stencil a gorgeous reverse-painted glass serving tray with Fusion Mineral Paint metallic colours, perfect fo
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Transition A recycled paint

Helping you paint dark surfaces to light colours


Introducing Transition by Fusion, back by popular demand, this eco-friendly recycled paint product is going to save
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A guide to Tung Oil

Tung Oil vs Hemp Oil

Tung Oil is another natural wood finishing oil that is easy to apply, has no VOCs, protects and enhances your wood gives you a wa…
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How to refinish a dresser top & stain it

Stained Top & Painted Bottom Furniture Makeover

Welcome to another week of Jennylyn’s Design Eye! The colours of spring are beginning to arrive and they provide such a…
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Reverse-Painted Round Table Glass

by Debbie Dion Hayes

This is a sponsored post by Debbie Dion Hayes of DebbieDionHayesCreative.com for Fusion Mineral Paint.


Do you love to
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Jennylyn’s Weekly Design Eye

How to pick a paint brush?

Selecting the right tools for the job can be a daunting task with so many incredible options out there to choose from. Fully syn…
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Jennylyn’s Weekly Design Eye- Lighten Up!

Upcycling an old chandelier and lamp shades with paint

We’re back with another weekly challenge! This one is all about how you can easily up-cycle outdated looking chandeli…
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Fusion for Kids Easter DIY kits

Wipeable washable fun for kids

Getting creative and painting with your little ones can be fun, especially when it’s wipeable and washable! Our Rainb…
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Jennylyn’s Weekly Design Eye

Antiquing with Espresso Wax

We’re back with another edition of Jennylyn’s Design Challenge! This week is a fun one where we show you how you c…
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Introducing Jennylyn’s weekly Design Challenge

How to style your bookshelves with Fusion Mineral Paint & Wallpaper

Jennylyn, CEO of Fusion Mineral Paint teams up with design and decoration writer Barbara Dingle to bring you inspired soluti…
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6 kids colours

Fusion For Kids Rainbow Packs

Non toxic washable paint get creative with your little ones

At Fusion Mineral Paint we know the feeling that comes when your creativity flows – brush in hand, paint loaded, the perfect co…
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Pantone Colour of the year 2021 X Fusion Mineral Paint

Little Lamb and Little Star


We couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance of the 2021 Pantone colours of the year to our very own Fusi…
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How to make a Hot Cocoa reclaimed wooden Christmas tray

with Milk Paint and Fusion.

The holidays are a beautiful time for making memories to last a lifetime. Here is an easy DIY to making that time extra special. …
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Full shot of curated room

Updating fabric with paint

a budget alternative to reupholstering

New Upholstery for chairs can sometimes run into the hundreds even thousands of dollars. Having an accent chair in your room i…
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Mixed media top of dresser

Mixed media and crafting – Furniture Art

using Decoupage and Transfer gel and Smooth Embossing paste

This is the second part of a blog following on from last week’s Ombré blended dresser post. Follow along to see the suppl…
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Full front shot of Ombre blended dresser

Ombré blended dresser

You can blend with Fusion!

Blended and Ombré paint effects are a fantastic way to create soft moody art on your furniture pieces. Ombré is a fun technique …
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Statement walls

using Fusion and Fresco

Painting Walls with Fusion Mineral Paint 

Ever thought of changing it up, giving your space a fresh new look and feel? It’s sup
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full shot of dressing table all staged with stool and accessories

Two toned dressing table restored

with metallic highlights

You can find these pretty feminine desks in thrift stores all over and they are well made and waiting to be repurposed into a des…
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statement wall statement piece - fusion mineral paint

Upcycled thrift find dresser

with Floral Re·Design with Prima® Transfer.

Now, this is impactful! This moody look was achieved with under $100 in supplies! A new painted feature wall, new hardware, an
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Milk Paint by Fusion - Fusion Mineral Paint

Milk Paint VS Mineral Paint

which one is right for me?

With the introduction of the newest member to our Fusion family, Milk Paint by Fusion, it’s the perfect time to take a look at ea
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Outdoor Plastic table makeover

for under $50

This table has seen better days – we’ve already made over this plastic table once before using Lichen – but we wan
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Removing Black wax with Clear furniture wax.

Everything you need to know about Furniture Wax

and when you should use it

Waxing doesn’t have to be painful! Using only the finest ingredients, our waxes are hand made using a 40 year old recipe. Incre…
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