Our Team • Fusion™ Mineral Paint

Jennylyn Pringle
President, Homestead House Paint Co.


Jennylyn is the visionary and creator of the Fusion™ brand.


To suggest that Jennylyn grew up playing with a paintbrush in one hand and a stir stick in the other is, in fact, not far from the truth. You see, it was Jennylyn’s parents (Scott and Loree) who bought the fledgling little paint company in 1989 and, from the age of 5, enlisted Jennylyn to pitch in.


“I remember going to the shop after school and helping in any way possible. From an early age I was tinting gallons of paint by hand and pouring them off into half pints and quarts”, says Pringle.


By the age of 15 she was fluent in French and started to work with the company’s Quebec-based clients to help expand into that market. “I remember going straight from school to work and eating a lot of microwave dinners! I have always had a fascination with efficiencies in production. I was always organizing and making things orderly to try and help make my parents’ job easier. I didn’t paint much until I was about 16, and then I started helping my mom (Loree) with large- scale custom kitchen projects. She taught me everything I know about finishing with milk paints, acrylics and oils.”


The early training paid-off; “I learned how to multi-task and work efficiently— that has served me well in all aspects of my life, from earning my B.A., to volunteering 20 hours a week and working for Homestead another 20 hours a week, all at the same time.”


As the President of the company, Jennylyn puts all of her knowledge, energy and experience to good use. “I listen to customers feedback… I use common sense. Our company excels in customer service because not only do we listen to our customers feedback, we make changes quickly! I have the ability to make changes or create new opportunities and products. I’m in charge, and can make the changes needed to make big things happen!”


Her philosophy is straightforward: “A great paint supplier uses only high quality ingredients in the manufacturing process, even if that means a lower profit margin for us. Customer service is key. Jennylyn’s goal for the company is to be the best-in-class supplier for paints and decorative finishes and continue to grow the company internationally. “We are continuously innovating new products and seeking to fill gaps in the market. I also want to keep the family feel—it’s very important to me that our customers know that they are supporting a family business that cares. Even though we have grown over the years, I’m reachable, I can and do respond to customer issues directly when needed.”


Jennylyn’s hobbies include travel and food, but she never strays too far from her business interest. Over the past year she has travelled across North America and Europe personally meeting over 150 retailers face to face. “I always try to combine my travel with visiting nearby retailers. I love just popping into a store unexpectedly. I remember doing this as a kid with my parents traveling across Ontario, seeing our stores displays and networking. Having that face-to-face time means so much… we will always go above and beyond in whatever way we can. We are not just a paint company, we’re a family supporting local jobs and the economy.”